About Rawhide Rodeo TV:

At the start of the 2010 Rawhide Rodeo Season, a Facebook Fan Page, www.Facebook.com/rawhiderodeo was launched to interact more with the legions of Rawhide Rodeo Fans worldwide.  After an influx of pictures and videos started flowing in, a need for a larger medium was realized.

This brought the beginning of Rawhide Rodeo TV.

Now, Crew and Fans alike can post videos to the Rawhide Rodeo network for all fans to enjoy.  Videos posted on Rawhide Rodeo TV are also posted to the Facebook Fan Page.

Videos can be uploaded directly to Rawhide Rodeo TV, or even easier, simply added to the portal through pasting the URL of the Facebook or Youtube Video.

Welcome to the new future of Fan Interaction!  Be sure to Like, Share, Tweet, Comment and Post!




About Rawhide Rodeo:

The Rawhide Rodeo Company was established in 1987 by Sam Swearingen of Leicester, New York. Sam began the Rawhide Rodeo Company with the intentions of producing top quality, professional shows to both attract top quality contestants and to entertain rodeo spectators. Sam's history as a world champion saddle bronc rider gave him the knowledge of what a professional quality rodeo should include and the ingredients necessary to build and promote a professional rodeo: Great stock, professional staff and quality equipment.


Bullfighters rescuing cowboy


Since it's inception, the Rawhide Rodeo Company has won numerous awards in various associations for it's stock and it's rodeos and is continuously growing. In 1999, Sam made the decision to expand the Rawhide Rodeo Company and partnered up with BJ Prince of Wingham, Ontario Canada, to create the Rawhide Rodeo Company in Canada. Like Sam, BJ has competed on the world stage of rodeo, has attended university due in part to rodeo scholarships, and has been decorated with numerous awards reflecting his successes both inside and outside the rodeo arena. In 2005, the Rawhide Rodeo Company also welcomed Sylvain Bourgeois of Montreal, Quebec Canada. Together they uphold the values and commitments that has made the Rawhide Rodeo Company one of the single most decorated rodeo companies in North America.


Sam Swearingen BJ Prince Sylvain Bourgeois
Sam Swearingen BJ Prince Sylvain Bourgeois

This expansion into Canada has given the Rawhide Rodeo Company a definite edge over other production companies. With the expansion of the company, it is now possible to draw upon resources in both the United States and in Canada including contestants, sponsors, contract acts and fans to present a more versatile and entertaining show. The Rawhide Rodeo Company continues to be the only accredited, professionally sanctioned rodeo company in Eastern Canada.

The Rawhide Rodeo Company now produces over 120 rodeo performances in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia.


Sam riding Canadian Smuggler BJ riding at St-Tite Western Festival
Sam riding Canadian Smuggler BJ riding at St-Tite Western Festival
Rawhide Rodeo TV is presented by the Rawhide Rodeo Company in concert with Professional Rodeo Announcer: Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC